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Tennis will be back at Dickinson in spring! Indoor classes at NYA begins on Nov 8th.

Tennis Pro Oleta Urda, Jim Cole and Jason Walder continues to teach both youth and adult clinics outdoors in the spring, Summer, fall and indoors in the winter. To learn more about FCT and their coaches, please visit the “About Us” link at the top of this page.

Non-Resident Fee: Additional $15 per program. Non-residents may register online, on a limited basis, for any session.

Cancellation Line during normal business hours: 203-270-4340, ext 1.  For cancellation information after normal business hours, Saturday and Sunday, please call 203-283-5629.

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Please call Ritu (203) 640-1724 or Greg (203) 414-9453 for additional information. 

Dickinson Memorial Park

Treadwell Park

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Tiny Tots:  Newtown’s Pro, Jacob Kreimer, designed and developed Tiny Tots, a program that has proven to be effective in developing motor coordination, the fundamentals of tennis, and the love of the game for children.
Beginner:  Player is introduced to the forehand, backhand, serve and volley with drills, fun games, and game situations.
Advanced Beginner:  Player has had introduction to grips and strokes, starts to make contact with ball on a regular basis.
Low Intermediate:  Player is starting to keep the ball in play, learning to serve, can volley, and learning court positioning.
Intermediate:  Player can keep the ball in play, can hit with some spin, can serve, volley, and rally consistently.
Advanced Juniors: For the intermediate/advanced junior player to develop skills with drills and conditioning.  Learning singles and doubles strategy in game situations similar to real match play while learning the rules of the game and fine tuning their strokes.